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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kerosene Lantern

Given today's technology a kerosene lantern seems a bit old-fashioned and out of place! However, a kerosene lantern with a 1-inch wick will burn approximately 45 hours per quart of kerosene, saving lots of natural resources and utilizing approximately one-fourth as much fuel as a gas lantern. Kerosene lanterns are an effective and fairly safe lighting source. There are now scented lamp oils which replace kerosene. This lamp oil is generally available in retail stores. Make sure the oil is approved for use in your lamp

**Caution: Lanterns consume good air and exhaust bad air, so use only when well ventilated.**

There is a difference in lighting quantity and quality, as the kerosene lantern is quite dim when compared to the two-mantle gas lantern. The light output of a kerosene lantern is comparable to a 40W-60W light bulb.

As a rule of thumb, the typical kerosene lantern burns approximately 1 ounce of fuel per hour. Burning at the rate of 5 hours each day, the following approximate amounts of kerosene would be used:

Kerosene Lantern Fuel Consumption:

  • Day 1/2 pint of fuel
  • Week 2 quarts of fuel
  • Month 2 gallons of fuel
  • Year 25 gallons of fuel

Republished with permission from: Making the Best of Basics. Chapter 17: Energy and Fuels Storage. By James Stevens. If this information was of value to you, please visit our sponsor.

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