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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Title page to Locke's Some Thoughts Concerning...

Spreading The Word About Preparedness

Convincing others on preparedness has proven to be one of the most difficult tasks that I have ever come across.  Discussing matters of the preparedness nature does have it's setbacks.  My husband thinks I'm a hoarder despite evidence in the world of our failing economy and the weather around our nation.  Co-workers roll their eyes and jokingly say "well, we're all coming over to your house if anything" and a few select family members think I'm a nut.  Despite how others think I still find it imperative to continue on this path of preparedness in leaps and bounds.

Approaching a conversation on preparedness with friends, family, relatives or co-workers can be an uphill battle but with a little effort and finding different avenues does make people think.  I've noticed progress begins to take root when the right seeds are planted in the minds of those who would never have thought of preparing for anything.  When I point out and highlight areas such as the economy, job loss, higher taxes and the rising costs of food this in itself automatically grabs their attention because all of these issues affects us all.

I've also noticed that people become distracted in their daily tasks and issues at hand which is understandable we all do but don't lose sight of what is going on around you and on a larger scale.  It's a good idea to always remember what happens today will affect many tomorrows and being prepared today by making the proper choices and decisions will definitely have a positive impact on all of your tomorrows.

To be aggressive might not be the right approach when speaking about preparedness issues to deaf ears.  Having an awareness approach I find is far greater reaching.  Knowledge is power and power is knowledge.  No school or college ever teaches survival or preparedness skills, the kind that we know of like how to survive and prepare for an earthquake.  Nor do they teach you how to deal with the rising taxes, they can't even teach you how to not lose your job in a failing economy.  I'm not saying that schools are useless, I'll let you decide that one for yourself.  I think the educational system structure in certain areas surrounding our daily lives should be implemented more than others and maybe gut-out a lot of the useless subjects by replacing them with more how-to's and DIY type of subjects and offer kids skills on survival in any type of environment.  An expandable degree would be really ideal in a sense where it will take you in several areas of your life throughout your life adjusting you in all times of economic growth or non-growth.  It's always a good idea to go into something that is recession proof and of necessity, chances are you'll always be in demand before and after the lights go out.
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