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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Children in Jerusalem.

Child Related Items In Your Kit

Child Related Items in Your Kits

When I was young , very much pregnant with my first child I started to freak out about the things I might need in an kits. Some of those things are as follows :

  • Lactation Tea - In an emergency Try to keep / and dry out and use again if needed
  • Hand Powered Breast Pump - Make sure you know how to use it
  • Emergency Formula - Keep Regular & Soy on Hand
  • Barley - For Mother or Child
  • Nappies - Clothe Diapers
  • A Sling - Know how to use it
  • Extra Clothing / Sleep Sack / Shoes / Socks
  • Bottle / Bottle Brush / Nipples
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Zip Storage Bags for all , including one for soiled clothing / Nappies
  • Rags Marked for Specific Uses - Diaper , Burp , Bath kept sealed in completely different bags. Keeping them marked keeps people from using them inappropriately and spreading germs / disease.

Latter when I had my second child I my first had grown quite a bit I found the following Just as useful.

  • Child Leash - For Toddlers on a Walk
  • Stash of Toys - To keep em Occupied
  • A Stuffed Animal - Comfort Objects
  • Board Books - Entertainment , Calming Ritual with Parents
  • Children Ban-Aides - Kissing Boos make it heal better.
  • A Second Sling - In Case you need to Carry you older child.
Even if you do not have children I think that these are things you might want to look into , because sooner or later you are bound to interact with others who Do have children , or maybe even have some of your own.

I also recommend keeping the following herbs / Oils around or in pack in for use by nursing mothers and children.

  • Lavender Oil - Relaxes Small children
  • Fenugreek - For lactation stimulation
  • Anise - (NOT star Anise , please look it up ) - for gassiness
  • Ground Cloves - for teething issues

As with all emergency kits you should keep checking in and keep items up to date. I have found the formula needs to be changed out often if you hand measure it , Similac Carries a Type in Convenient bottle size doses that I highly recommend and used with my own children , these , left sealed can be stored for up to a year . Always make sure that you have proper accommodations in clothing and sleeping gear for littles. Children Grow Fast and Their Clothing becomes too small quickly so you should also keep their clothing in kits up to date or larger than they might really need. I also recommend Nappie Pins , even if you use velcro , because velcro can wear our . You should make sure you know how to use these things in an emergency , not just have them around and have no idea how to use them.

You can read more from preppermom at A Prepared Mother

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