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Sunday, April 25, 2010

3 New sites for you to get valuable information from

Here are 3 New sites that we've developed for you to get free information from. Follow them just as you would any other blog for updates.

The first is How To Make... This is rapidly becoming an ultimate free recipe site. Find the recipes you want and feel free to copy them. In addition to recipes, in the future we plan to add more information and eventually develop into a "How-To" site that will allow you to search a wide range of topics ranging from recipes to do-it-yourself and homemade projects. Have a favorite recipe or do it yourself project that you'd like to contribute? Simply email us at to have your article posted along with a link back to your site. When you submit an article for posting you also get 2 free James Stevens E-books.

The second is If you love cheese, then follow this site to learn how to make the best homemade cheese possible. MMpaints will guide you through the steps to help you learn to make your own cheese using a homemade cheese press.

The third site is How To Survive... Follow this site to learn how to survive virtually any type of disaster imaginable. New disasters added each week.

By supporting and following these sites you also help to support APN.

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