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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

B.O.B. and ideas for your animals.

I have seen bits and pieces concerning animals and WTSHTF ideas but what would you really do?

Those who have more farm animals probably will not be moving or leaving their farms. But what about those like myself and others who live in the city yet have areas in which they can escape too? Here are some ideas, but nothing you have to live by:

Dogs and Cats. Yes they ARE domesticated, so don’t do the normal assholistic and just let them out and roam hoping they can take care of themselves. My dog and my cats are smart but they are also all pound rescues and have been through enough and only 1 could probably defend itself. And since I did not have them since the beginning I did not have the right to say what was to be done to them. I.E. neuter or spaying or in the cats world, declawing. Never declaw a cat! It is a horrible process and I am not a tree hugger by any means as I have worked in a Vet office a long time ago. It was horrible to watch the doctor use dog nail clippers and literally take off the cat’s toes. My one cat that is declawed wouldn’t hurt a fly and I think he may be slightly retarded but he is a good pet and de-stresses me. But I digress…

If you have animals and I am talking cats and dogs mostly, you need to find a metal or plastic container that can hold up to 2 large 40 lbs bags of dog food or at least 3 large 20 lbs bags of cat food. The less “oil” in their food the better. The oil is actually a fatty solution that is sprayed on the pellets (food) for flavor. There are other ways of getting some fat to your furried friends then the spraying type. Dog food is easier to find without the spray on oil then cat food as cats are, to be nice, picky. But even the pickiest eater will eat if they are starving. The best food I have found so far that is not highly sprayed with the oil and keeps pretty well as is high in protein for cats and dogs is called Taste of the Wild. All of their food is natural and they do not use grain! For me, that is a big issue as I have had dogs and cat die due to bloat. Check them out, Taste of the Wild is also an American company and is reasonably priced! Also.. put bay leaves at the bottom of the bucket and line it every 6 inches around on up. It keeps the bugs out as it does in flour. The power of bay leaves!

Vitamins are also a big deal. You don’t really need to use them as much now due to the food and the FDA making the pet industry put vitamins in the food, but what happens when the food is all gone and you may start feeding them with a beef/venison/chicken rice mixture? You will have to give some vitamins, at least to your dog once a week. Your cats absorb and create their own vitamins via what they eat. But giving them a nice rice treat (if they will eat it) with a vitamin mix once a month can prolong their life, especially if you are breeding them for mousers for other people.

A warm place for your animals is ideal as well. Just because they have a coat doesn’t mean anything. Their coat is like a layer of clothing and just like humans, they feel the cold and some hate it. I let the animals sleep with me, it keeps me warm and them as well. But it is also added protection if they sense something when I am asleep. Dogs and cats can get sick as well due to the elements and in some cases they are worse then us.

When your animals are sick, keep them warm. You CAN give them small amounts (and I do mean extreme small) of human medications. Aspirin is good for both dogs and cats. Cats should get 1/16th at most twice a day. Dogs can have a half tab twice a day. Pain killers work the same way. Just an itty bitty piece for a cat (not a kitten) and a quarter for a dog. You have to go off weights for cats and dogs and since most veterinarians prescribe the same stuff humans take, you have to be more cautious. I won’t go into details on what to use. But you can use benadryl for animals that have allergies, aspirin for pain(s), ointment to help with small wounds. Make sure to have a pill popper for your cats and dogs as they can choke too!

Make a small B.O.B for your animals as well. Cats and Dogs are simple; it is just their temperament you need to worry about. I always pack a 3 day pack of food for all the animals, collapsible water bowls, a gallon sized scoop-able litter kit and use an old collapsible water bowl for their liter pan so I can throw away the litter quickly and a extendable and fixed leash for the dog. I have a collapsible cat hut and I have two small harnesses for the cats to put them on leashes as well. Since I don’t take the cats out very often on their harness and leashes, I make sure they are use to wearing the harnesses at least. But these are also the break away harnesses so if anything ever happens and they get caught and I can’t find them, they can live. Also dog booties are a good idea and some bag balm. Your dog may not be use to walking a lot, so booties may be ideal due to type of land and the bag balm is for their pads.

These are just some suggestions. I don’t pretend to know it all. But if these can work for you, then you are more then welcome to it.  Remember, your animals can be a bargining chip for others.

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