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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Made a little candle for the kit

"Altoid smalls" boxes are tiny and cool, but I have had a hard time finding suitable uses for them. I eat a lot of mints and just hate to throw the boxes away. I also have a bag full of partially melted votive candles that is just taking space. So I decided to combine the two useless items and make something useful.

First I setup a sterno stove and 2 standard altoids cans up.

then I peeled the foil off several votives and trimmed off the edges of two, squaring them up to fit inside the mini altoids can.I trimmed off a piece of the foil and blocked up the hinges in the mini can. I then jammed the 2 trimmed candles into the can and set it on a level surface

Then I cut up 2 more and dumped all pieces into a can. I added alcohol to the other big can and lit the stove.

I then melted the wax and poured it into the can to fill in all the space. I did this in two pours to fill all gaps and top off the candle. I have a bag full of these cans so I m going to make a bunch of them.

Pardon the pics, difficulty Iphone...

Sterno Stove

With Mini Bic


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