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Friday, April 23, 2010

Hot Water Canning Preperations Unit 1

Hello all, RON L here - SERE SURPLUS

Just thought I'd add a post on Hot water Canning, this is a method that goes decades and was used both in Europe as well as the US! This methods is suitable for High Acid foods such as Tomatoes and some others, it is NOT SUITABLE FOR MEAT, FISH OR FOUL! This Method uses no pressure, it uses a simple Metal Caldron and Glass Canning Jars Lids and rings!

This Discussion will be posted as several parts and this one will be Preparation of Hot water canning items!

Refer to the PICS below to see some of what I'm talking about!

First, before we clean and prepare the components of a Hot water canner, lets talk about the parts and functions of each, shall we?

1. Hot Water canner - Typically an Enamel covered caldron or Pot that has a decent water capacity and a Removable metal rack so can and jars can be easily lifted out for adding and removal of jars! See PIC #1 - This s a Garage sale find a 20 QT pot and cost me a whopping $3.00 Pic# 2 shows you open and metal Jar Rack, Top was removed for picture.

2. Canning Jars! Pic # 3 - 4 These vary is size but are all thick glass and include a non chipped or damaged top and vary from pint to qt sizes, the ones shown in PIC were a Flea market by years ago for a few $ as well!

3. Canning Jar lids - PIC # 5 Various sizes and makes to fit normal mouth jars as well as Wide MOUTH, many hardware stores sell both the Lids and ring, as well as the jars! This was a Garage sale find costing me $2.00

4. Jars installed into the Rack to place into the Canner pot.PIC # 6-7 - Just showing for illustration purpose these are empty and need or Preparations to make safe for use!

OK, now that we have seen the components of Hot Water caning, lets talk about how to make them ready and safe for use! SAFETY FIRST, ALL ITEMS WE ARE GOING TO USE, MUST BE THOROUGHLY CLEANED AND STERILIZED PRIOR TO USE!

My Preferred methods is to Emerse the pot and Top itself in a sink of Boiling water and as hot as I can handle with gloves on! I use steel wool to scrub the rack clean of Rust and all and make as squeaky clean as possible!

Ditto the jars, Lids and Rings I boil water for the sink, emerse, soak and scrub with a clean dish towel Use of a few Drops of Bleach as well as Dish washing Liquid and anti bacterial soap is good as well!

Once the items are clean I let air dry and place in a clean area or cabinet till ready to actually can! This Concludes part 1 of Hot water caning, Next segments will cover the How to's and whys of hot Water caning, what items prefer and a few items you can use for your home canning Projects! Cheers! MORE TO COME, SOON!!!!!!

pic # 1

pic #2

pic # 3

pic #4

pic # 5

pic # 6

pic # 7

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