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Friday, April 30, 2010

Survival Meal Planning

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When faced with a survival situation, one of the basic things that will be required is regular meals. Regular meals will be necessary to maintain proper nourishment and nutrition. You will be expending energy and will need to plan for regular meals to help avoid stress and fatigue. This makes meal planning essential if supplies or resources are limited after a crisis or disaster.

Tips for Survival Meals

1) Keep the meals simple and plan as many “one-dish” meals as possible.

2) Use recipes that don’t require special cooking equipment or preparation.

3) Limit yourself to one pot or one pan when preparing a meal. Less clean-up effort is needed afterwards.

4) Use simple and very basic ingredients. Using complicated recipes will only add to the frustration and stress of a survival situation.

5) Plan daily meals ahead of time but be flexible in case circumstances change and smaller meals (rationing) become necessary.

6) Include meals in your planning that can be eaten “as is” for those times when cooking a meal may not be possible.

7) Avoid cooking extra. Left-overs will perish quickly if power sources are out and proper conditions to prevent spoilage are unavailable.

8) If you do have left-overs, they will probably need to be eaten as quickly as possible and should be incorporated into the plans for your next meal.

9) Use only tested recipes and food items that you know family members will eat. Avoid experimenting with new recipes in a survival situation.

9) Don’t be afraid to repeat the use of basic food items in your meals.

10) Include some “survival snacks” for variety and nutrition.

Keeping things simple and uncomplicated during a crisis or disaster will aid you in your survival efforts.

Got survival menu?

Staying above the water line!

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