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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

OT: Addictive New game! Try it once. You're Hooked!

MyBrute is a small non-interactive fighting simulation game that has seem to have taken the net by storm.

The total basis behind such a game is that you create a somewhat personalized Brute. He will then be randomly equipped with low level abilities and gear. He can even be given a animal companion(which could be a dog, a wolf or bear).

There is a plethora of different skills and weapons that a Brute can acquire and each brute has a combination of attributes that deal with strength, speed, agility and health. He gets his own cell where you can keep up with his stats, watch some recently fought fights again, and enter tournaments where you will surely get your butt kicked. You start off level 1. your guy will kinda suck unless you are very lucky. The beauty is that as you fight you get to higher levels and you get more weapons or attributes or skills. You will see your brute get stronger right before your eyes.

Soon he will be a Brute brutalizer!

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