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Thursday, April 22, 2010

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Freeze, baby, freeze!

Perhaps the only positive thing to come from living in a desert is that insects and humidity aren’t much of an issue with food storage.  Or so I thought.  A few days ago I had a nice dinner planned, which included mashed potatoes made from some packets of dehydrated potato flakes.  All was going well until I noticed two suspicious looking dark specks in the potato mixture.  I summoned the Paranoid Dad, who has much experience with such things, and he verified that the dark specks were indeed insects.  Yuck.  I ended up throwing out eight packets of the dehydrated potatoes.
bug 300x168 INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP:  Freeze, baby, freeze!image by tarale
A simple way to avoid such unpleasantness is to freeze such food items overnight.  This kills anything related to insects and avoids the discovery, later, of little crawly things in your rice, flour, corn meal, or other dry goods.  Once you remove these foods from the freezer, store them in airtight containers with an oxygen absorber or two, for good measure.
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