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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Episode-416- Dealing With Violent Confrontations

After spending a week with Val Riazanov on systema and Russian martial arts and filming the new DVD series I thought it might be a good day to do a show on dealing with potentially violent confrontations.
Join me today as we discuss…
  • First a correction on my error from yesterday - the RRR is NOT a private army
  • Real violence vs. movie violence
  • The morals of the criminal, he has none
  • Professional = death when it comes to killing
  • The first rule is avoiding the confrontation
  • If you can’t avoid it focus on deescalation
  • If deescalation fails at times controlled retreat is the best option
  • You should always appear relaxed and “harmless”
  • When you do strike it must be with sufficient force for the situation
  • Pressure points are useless in full speed combat, anatomy points are critical
  • The “systema strike” - misunderstood and highly effective
  • Dealing with an armed opponent takes things to another level
  • The knife is the oldest consistently deadly weapon for a reason
  • In dealing with an opponent with a gun 1.5-2 meters is “critical distance”
Additional Resources for Today’s Show
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