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Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 Things To Help Prevent Home Burglary

The following three actions will frustrate a home burglary attempt, quite possibly denying break-in altogether.

Install longer screws in door strike-plate

A strike plate is the metal plate screwed to your door jamb with a hole for the bolt of the door-lock. When the door is closed, the bolt extends into the hole in the strike plate, and holds the door closed. Since the door jam is usually soft wood, the strike plate ensures a more secure latch.
The problem is, the majority of door-lock strike-plate’s are installed and screwed into the door jam with short screws. That is, shorter than ideal. A door can be fairly easily kicked in with strike-plate screws of around 1 inch (some are less).
It is an easy task to replace the existing strike-plate screws with longer screws, say, 2 or 3 inches. All you need are the screws and a proper sized drill-bit to pre-drill deeper holes.
#8×2-1/2 DeckMate screws worked for me. A 7/64 (softwood) or 1/8 (hardwood) drill bit is perfect for #8 screws.
Just be sure that the screw you choose will fit flat to the surface of the strike-plate, and not protrude out (which will probably snag with the door when closing it).

A barking dog

Having a dog goes a long way toward home burglary prevention, assuming that the dog barks. The deep bark of a big dog will deter burglars more than the yip of a small dog, however even the yipper-yapper dog will bring adequate attention to the situation and likely stop a burglar break-in because the typical amateur burglar will move on to easier opportunities.
Even if you do not have a dog, there are electronic dog barking alarms that will begin barking when motion is sensed. Some can sense motion through walls (through the front door).

An alarm system

No burglar wants to hear the sound of an alarm. Not only will the burglar alarm alert anyone within earshot, but the burglar will not know whether or not you have a contract with an alarm monitoring service who would send over the police upon receiving an alarm alert. The point is, you don’t have to pay for monitoring to have an effective alarm.
Another very effective trick, something that I did prior to actually installing an alarm system sometime later, is to get yourself some alarm stickers or decals that you can affix to windows or doors. The burglar won’t know that you actually do not have an alarm and will likely move on to somewhere else instead.
You could also get yourself a security yard stake sign, similar to the typical ADT alarm signs that you see on lawns of some homes.

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