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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Survival Kitchen–How Do You Use All That Wheat?

You’ve stocked up with several buckets of vacuum packed wheat, but you don’t know how in the world you’ll use it all. You know wheat is a basic and necessary grain. The Egyptians made out well with it thousands of years ago, so it should be a great survival food. But how many ways can you prepare it?
This week’s DestinySurvival Amazon Pick of the Week is a paperback book simply entitled How to Live on Wheat, by John W. Hill. It’s described as a cookbook, preparedness, and survival manual, all in a little over 100 pages.
Hill has put together a thorough reference, clearly written with numerous interesting recipes. Topics covered include:
* Food Storage
* Grinding Wheat into Flour
* Where to get Tools and Supplies
* Essene Bread
* Pan Bread
* Fry Bread
* Sprouting
* Sourdough
* Pasta
* Dumplings
* Biscuits and Pancakes
* Pizza Crust
* Baking
* Bread Making
* Improvised Bread Making
* Salads
* Gluten Meat Substitute
* Food Combination
* Cast Iron Cookery
…And more!
Better still, How to Live on Wheat has been updated with a new third edition. The description on says in part:
“This revised and expanded Third (2011) edition provides more information on other grains and legumes and addresses questions, suggestions and critique from readers of the previous edition…It covers the storage of wheat and other grains and legumes, the preparation of all of the basic foods from the whole grain to the finished product in the simplest and most foolproof manner possible.”
The book’s author John W. Hill says, when it comes to food storage, “…wheat is king because of its long term storage qualities, its nutritional value as a fresh food (especially when sprouted) and its superior bread making qualities.” He further says, “While whole grains are relatively inexpensive to acquire and store, many people are not familiar with how to easily and efficiently turn them into food.
“In answering these questions for myself, I compiled the first edition of this book in 1994. In this third edition, I have added a substantial amount of new information and broadened my explanations and descriptions of many of the basic principles and processes of storage and cooking with wheat and other whole grains and legumes.”
If you cook with whole grain wheat, why not get this book? If you’re not already using wheat, get this book and discover the possibilities. For a few dollars, you’ll have an invaluable resource at your fingertips.
To order How to Live on Wheat, click on the image of the book below and add it to your cart on the page where it’s featured.
HOW to LIVE on WHEAT Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of not knowing what to do with all that stored wheat. Discover how to be creative with wheat today and have the survival food edge for tomorrow.

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