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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Audio Podcast: Episode 94 - Strategic Preparedness Plan

Modified Podcast Logo with My Headphones Photo...In a nutshell, here is the Strategic Preparedness Plan that I've been using to get ready for the dollar collapse and the coming depression:

• Be true to yourself. Know why you're prepping and what you're prepping for. Don't let anyone distract you from getting ready.
• Stock up on everything; especially food and sundries. The coming depression is going to be a long term event; there's little chance that you'll be able to stock up and store everything you will need for the duration. Instead, stocking up now will allow you to buy things while they are still cheap, and (hopefully) allow you to take advantage of periods when prices are lower (like sales, etc.) and avoid having to buy when prices are higher.
• Get out of debt. Your income will not go up at the same rate as inflation.
• Buy silver and gold. As the dollar collapses, precious metals will increase in value. Don't sit on too much cash.
• Acquire farmland and/or plant edible plants around your home. In all depression and hyperinflation events, food is the biggest concern. Having the ability to grow your own food is a big thing.
• Educate yourself. How to grow food; cook food from scratch; make and mend clothes, repair things, etc. Learn how to do things the way our grandparents used to do things.
• Form a prep community. Family or good friends, develop a group of people you can rely on to get together and help each other out.
• Think outside the box. Solutions are often found when you're not thinking like everyone else.

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