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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vac Pac on the cheap, super cool gadget

Like many others, I had traded for a Vacuum Packer machine and it was fairly expensive as are the roll of bags and sometimes very hard to find.

I found a gadget at my local grocery store in the sandwich baggie section. It is a hand pumped vac sealer from Zip Lock brand.

Simple operation, open the bag, place the foods or items you want vac'd (I do my fire starting items like this) as well as a pair of dry socks. Then seal the bag and place the pump over the vac hole on the bag, pump a few times like a tire pump and BAM... the bag and items are sealed. It has enough vac power to crush a soda can with 6 pumps.

The initial 7 bags to include both quart and gallon sized and vac pump was $3.73, additional bags are $2.95 for 12 bags in quart size and $2.95 for 7 gallon sized. Prices where you are at may differ. I often find coupons for the bags and even the starter unit.

There is also a battery operated unit made by Hefty but the dang thing takes 6 AA batteries and they wear down fast, their bags will work with the Ziplock brand though, they are about the same price.

After gathering small game, fish, herbs and greens, I will vac pack them on the spot so they stay fresh during a walk back to camp or ride home. The small pump is light and easy to pack with a few bags.

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