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Monday, February 28, 2011

Simple Survival Tips - The Spare Key

Being alone, stranded and locked out of your car or home is a common occurrence. It’s something we’ve all faced at one time or another. Now losing your keys is bad enough but if they wind up locked inside your car or your home, you will find yourself subject to the ridicule and puns of friends and relatives. The “You did what?” question will occur in abundance. Not only is it a frustrating and embarrassing situation to find yourself in but it can also leave you in a very dangerous situation.
If you’re in a strange part of town that is unfamiliar to you, it’s late at night or some bad weather that has decide to take advantage of your situation (a sudden rainstorm comes to mind), you may be wishing you had an extra car or house key tucked away somewhere.
My personal favorite is just to carry a spare house and car key on a separate key ring. Using a simple “jean clip” makes it easy to carry a spare set of keys by clipping it to a belt loop on your pants, just in case they’re needed. Thieves are too good at finding hiding places in and around your home or vehicle and it’s a lot safer just to keep them with you. An extra car key and house key on a separate keychain won’t take up much more space in your pocket than some of the other stuff that usually finds its way into your pockets. It’ll be there when you need and you won’t have to rely on somebody to bring a spare set to you.
Got spare key?
Staying above the water line!

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