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Friday, February 25, 2011

Raising a Portion of your Food

By Joseph Parish

Have you taken notice of the increased emphasis being expressed upon raising your home food lately? We now see weekly articles in the home section of our Sunday newspaper, we view television shows which stress the value in growing our own agricultural products and we often hear our neighbors talking amongst themselves as to their springtime plans for small garden plots. All over we see and hear new revelations about home food production.

The bare facts of the issue center clearly upon some serious health concerns. Millions of Americans would be much better off if we as a nation were to revert to a home food raising society once again. Think back at how healthy your great grandfather and grandmother were in previous generations? Every person residing in America should try to create some sort of garden to boast their health and add to their pocketbook. Even the president of the United States could stand to give up his secret midnight hamburger and fries encounters towards improving his health. Eating more from that small White House garden would do him good. 

As stated above the initial reason to grow your own food is simply to eat better. Having a small garden also relives the constant pressures of your busy and hectic life. Additionally, by raising only a part of your food supply you gain a feeling of security in that you can if necessary get along without the supermarket. In a short period of time you will quickly develop an attitude that you are making the most of not only your life but your valuable time as well. With gardening you are afforded a rare opportunity to spend some quality time with other members of your family. I am a firm believer that life is simply too short and a person should at every chance increase their time quality time which they expend with their loved ones. Get out there in the fresh air with your wife, husband, sons or daughters and enjoy a better family life.

A physician friend recently remarked that there is simply too much time being spent diagnosing various illnesses which generate from poor food eating habits. We already have research reports which indicate that many of our diseases originate from the foods which we consume in excess. Most lack vital minerals and vitamins needed for a healthy body. A typical example of this is the white flour used in baking the commercial store bought loaf bread. 

In today’s society even the rich can perhaps starve when we consider the health aspects of our commercially purchased foods. This lack of minerals and vitamins in our food are costing us as we lose years of our lives. Examples include the lack of proper amounts of iron which causes anemia, a deficiency of calcium generates rickets in an otherwise healthy body and we experience goiter when we fail to have sufficient quantities of iodine in our diet. We should really be concerned and worried about how the foods we eat are affecting our health and those that we care about. 

Unfortunately, you can not simply look at the produce in the grocery store and pick out those products which lack the vital nutrients to promote a healthy body. Our commercial advertising has done little towards remedying this problem but instead has ended up compounding it. We are talked into eating grains which are stripped of any possible beneficial ingredients, our bread is created by manufacturing methods which are contradictory to good health and our society is on the verge of going to a complete genetically modified food stock within the next few years. There you have it in a nutshell. Would you not be interested in starting a small garden in order to better your health? If you raise at least some of your own food which you eat you will quickly realize the refreshing feeling that you gain emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Copyright @2011 Joseph Parish

1 comment:

  1. Growing your own food is a good idea. If TSHTF and we have to live on rice and beans then greens and root vegetables will provide needed nutrients. But to claim that our current diet is deficient or killing us is contrary to common knowledge and good sense. America enjoys the best foods on the planet and all Americans have access to good foods. Our life expectancy increases every year and we live about twice as long as our grandfathers generation did. Most disease is NOT caused by our food.