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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Audio Podcast: Why Do Preppers Prep?

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This is a question I get quite often when I discuss my show with people be they individuals or the media. Generally they are expecting some sort of answer about the end of the world coming or something like that. Of course TEOTWAWKI threats are out there, they exist but they are not my main motivation. I also don’t think they are the main reason most people choose prepping as a lifestyle.

Tune in Today to Hear…

  • My number one motivation for prepping, I don’t want to be anyone’s slave
  • How debt creates slavery
  • How government support creates slavery
  • Why slavery isn’t inherently malevolent in intent but is always malevolent in practice
  • The comparison between being dependent and living a dogs life
  • How Hurricane Katrina has devalued the impact of other storms and made people complacent vs. vigilant
  • Why individual threats are not as important about the concept of losing systems of support
  • Understanding systems of dependence and how many you really have
  • The journey of a cucumber from Argentina to your home and what it can teach us

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