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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Survival Medicine

This part of your survival plan should never be overlooked. Having the right type of medicine in your first aid kit is beneficial if you get lost in the wilderness or if you are faced with the issue of surviving. Most store bought first aid kits include pain relievers such as: Advil®, Tylenol®, or other types of ibuprofen or aspirin. When you need a pain reliever, these medicines quickly relieve your suffering, depending on the degree of pain. But what if you don’t have anymore medicine and you find yourself in dire need of relief? What should you use to alleviate the pain and suffering?

In the situation where there isn’t anymore store brand medicine to aid you, you could choose from nature the necessary plants needed for medicine. There are several wild plants that could do the job of many medicines you find in the store today. Let’s take a look at some ailments and the plants used to help fight them.

Pyrexia or Fever - Fevers are very dangerous when left untreated. You know you have a fever when you feel as though you are cold, but your body is hot to the touch. What do you use if you do not have any fever reducers? If these items are available to you, use willow bark, elder or linden flowers. If you do not have bark of a willow tree, then you could use the bark of an elm tree. Put these together and make a tea out of them. Drink the tea and in time, your fever should reduce.

Muscle Aches - To alleviate some minor aches and pains by making a salve of garlic, chickweed, or the bark of the willow. Make this salve by mixing it with any type of fat you may have in your supply. Vegetable fat works fine. Once the salve is made, rub it onto the areas where it hurts.

Upset Stomach - Use mint leaves to help with your upset stomach. Mint has a calming effect and a tea of mint could also be used to help you fall asleep.

Sore Throat - The bark of a willow tree is good for alleviating the pain of a sore throat and of the irritancies of the common cold. Use the bark of the willow tree in a tea medicine and drink it.

These are just some ailments that are common to most people when out in the wilderness. Your survival depends on your being educated and prepared for what may come. This short list of survival medicines was meant to inform you of the many possibilities available to you should you need them. We encourage you to do more personal research so you’ll be able to identify the items listed above. Nature is a medicine cabinet! With your survival in focus, when the time comes to use these and other medicines for survival, may you have success in using the correct combinations.

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