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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Colloidal Silver to the Rescue

By Joseph Parish

In view of the recent epidemic of swine flu I am writing a sequence of articles concerning how we can safeguard ourselves by using what is known as colloidal silver. This is the first part which is merely providing you with some background information.

I am required to provide this disclaimer at the beginning of the article for all those who may be interested. The information below is provided to you for educational purposes only. I am not a medical doctor and can not advise nor prescribe anything for specific or general illnesses. What you are about to read is basically my opinion and experience only. None of this data is intended to be used as a substitute for proper medical care. The author assumes no responsibility for use of the material.

Silver has traditionally been considered a dominant antibiotic which has been employed in such use for thousands of years. Its function when appropriately used has shown no harmful side effects what so ever.

During America’s early western expansion days the early pioneers would place a silver coin in the milk jug in order to keep if from spoiling as they drove their carriages across the nation. It was well known how the ancient Greeks would remark about the medical merit of this valuable metal. It did not take long to realize that those families who used silver utensils with their meals were rarely sick and experienced very few infections. This knowledge was eventually passed on to various kings and members of the royal court. These privileged ones would eat with silver plates, they drank using silver cups, their utensils were made of silver and they generally stored their food in various silver containers. With the use of all these silver type products some of the silver was bound to rub off and tend to be mixed with their food. Eventually they received the complete benefits of the silver and rarely if ever were ill or had any chance of catching a serious infectious illness.

These royal families came to be known as Blue Bloods because their skin developed a blue tint from the accumulation of the traces of metallic silver accruing within the body.

In America Colloidal Silver was frequently used from the 1800s and well into 1938. Its medical benefits were prescribed for many diseases and infections. At that time there were no antibiotics available as we have today. This wonder product was used for just about everything. However, as with anything else in life the Colloidal Silver was inexpensive to make and required no prescription while the man made antibiotics were costly, thus big pharmacy companies wanted greatly to discourage its use. Once again today Colloidal Silver is quickly beginning to reappear in the homes of those people who desire effective and inexpensive options for the high drug costs.

You can readily find many people who are living proof of the effective use of the Colloidal silver. Amongst these practitioners are world leaders, corporate heads and of course an abundance of us common “folk”. Many of these groups of people are exposed to contagious disease daily but by taking their small dose of silver daily they prevent contacting very serious infections.

Often people ask what the recommended doses would be for use of this product. People should begin with what I refer to as a “Maintenance dose”. I would say that most people should begin with one teaspoon per day while using only half that for young children and a mere one fourth for babies. After taking the one teaspoon daily for a period of four days the adults could then cut back to using only one half teaspoon daily. If the taste of the silver bothers you then I recommend putting your daily spoonful in a small glass of juice.

Should you have a cold or catch a case of the flu you should begin immediately with a regiment of triple the recommended dosage for 3 days and then revert to the normal amount.

Colloidal Silver is an effective antibiotic which is known to kill just about all types of bacteria, viruses and funguses. In addition, it is considered the only antibiotic known to be essentially harmless to the human body. Colloidal Silver is basically non-toxic to all living things which are not one celled creatures. Since the one celled creatures use a different method of metabolism this is actually its weakness. The mere presence of the silver near any bacterium, virus or fungus will immediately cripple them by suffocating the cells.

Another major advantage of using the silver is that there are no known drug interactions of any kind. If you are currently taking prescription drugs for your heart or for diabetes you will have no problems with using the colloidal silver.

Organisms can quickly become resistant to the usual antibiotics causing them to be extremely ineffective over a period of time however; the silver will keep on working continuously. Since the silver chokes the microorganism it can not become immune to its effects. The ability of the product to work quickly represents one of its greatest achievements.

In our next session I would like to present you with a short list of some of the medical problems which can be resolved with the use of silver. See you then.

Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish


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