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Saturday, April 18, 2009

If the Terrorists attack your Town

By Joseph Parish

While you sit contentedly watching your beloved TV shows this evening stop or a instant to contemplate the prospect of a terrorist attack within your town. Do you assume your city or town is ready? Are you yourself ready?

Our government freely makes available information and handouts concerning what precautions and procedures one should initiate in the event of terrorist activities within your immediate area. This is all well and good but unfortunately the government does provide active training.

To give you a sample of just how irrelevant many people feel this situation is I contacted our local newspaper and requested the opportunity to provide a weekly column on survival during which time I would be able to relate information on various aspects of storing food, water, etc. I was politely informed they did not want a column like that.

Why not,. If our citizens know what to do in emergencies then there is less gory news for the newspaper to report. The fact of the matter is that each citizen must learn to take care of themselves. You must seek out the information and the knowledge that you need. You have to search for those training groups that will instill the skills you will need. There simply is no other way.

As the elections approach I feel that we must be prepared for anything that subversive organizations can hand out to us. Get your food stored up; get your weapons cleaned in the event of an insurgent attack. Let’s face it. The militia and the survivalists are America’s last line of defense and we can not fail. Get that bug out bag ready in the event you need it. Train your family members to respond effectively to emergencies. In short – Get ready.

I don’t feel comfortable relying upon our elected officials to protect me nor to uphold my rights as an American citizen. Over the last eight years we have witnessed our rights slowly diminishing. We are to the point where the American people are being shoved into a corner. We have no choice except to learn to take care of ourselves. We must be alert and vigilant when the blood begins to flow in our own cities. We have to be able to take back our country should foreign influences attempt to steal it from us.

Not only do we as survivalists have to contend with foreign influx of attacks but we also have Mother Nature revolting against us. Pick up the newspaper and read the latest weather reports. Strange cases of weather that has not been witnessed for several lifetimes are rapidly making their way ahead. We must be ready.

The success of these malicious intentions whether they be from man or nature must be blocked. The only way this can be accomplished is by way of training sites such as Delmarva Survival Training ( They provide free online training in several ways. The have training videos as well as a vast assortment of articles covering everything from food preservation to creation of Bug out Bags. It even has an ongoing Bug out Vehicle project underway.

In conclusion we must be prepared and that means learning skills. Imagine these horrible events happening to your town. Would you be ready and committed to fighting back? I call upon all citizens of America to prepare and get ready for emergencies should your skills be needed.

Copyright @2008 Joseph Parish


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