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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why Being Prepared Is So Important

I often think of an article I read last year stating that if ”just in time” deliveries to Southern California suddenly stopped it would only take four days to totally wipe out the stores. I’m here to tell you it’s much, much shorter than that.

The news of the Swine Flu outbreak became headline news on Sunday, April 26th - by Tuesday morning all the face masks and waterless hand disinfectants were wiped out. Completely gone. Right now we’re lucky because shipments haven’t stopped and the stores are restocking as quickly as possible, but if it gets much worse, we can expect necessities to be gone within 24 hours.

No one is hoping this is a false alarm more than those of us who are already prepared. We understand the potential for this to be a life-altering event and certainly hope that after all is said and done we can say we overreacted. However, I can’t stress enough that you should have a supply of necessities at home, just in case. There’s no need to run out and purchase a year’s supply of food and water, but having enough to last a few months might be the best investment you ever make. Also think about what you would need to take care of a sick person in your home. Medicines, protective gear and comfort items will disappear rapidly from stores, so get yours now.

I’ve heard people scoff and say this is hype driven by main stream media, and they might be right. In the large scheme of things a few hundred people dying of the influenza isn’t much of an impact. But, let’s not forget that people HAVE died. What a sad, sad thing to happen anytime for any reason. I am sickened by the hate on the message boards, some people going so far as to say these people deserve this. It just reminds me that there is something that scares me more than disease, and that’s mankind. Our ability to hate so violently and dismiss human life so easily.

I don’t know about you, but I value every day of this life because I truly believe it’s the only one we get. I want my children to be healthy and grow up peacefully. I want them to love their fellow man, no matter how much they disagree with their actions and attitudes. I want them to know that while we do have an overpopulation problem on this planet, wishing death for anyone isn’t something we do.

My number one suggestion for you at this point is simple - have a plan. Decide what’s the best course of action for you and your family and don’t hesitate when the decision is upon you. Keep aware and weigh everything you read with your own common sense.

I am prepared for whatever comes from this swine flu outbreak. I hope you are too and I hope all of our preparations are unnecessary.


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