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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Your Survival First Aid Kit Should Include This Basic, Versatile Item

In early March I ran a contest for my subscribers to the DestinySurvival Dispatch and offered a deck of Emergency First Aid cards to the best short piece on a survival/preparedness topic. My thanks to each one who entered. Here’s the runner up entry, which includes practical advice and deserves publication here.

Everyone should keep a small first aid kit handy at all times. This is a must have item for any situation. One of the items you should have in your first aid kit is petroleum jelly. Not only is it good for protecting chapped lips, it makes an excellent aid in starting a fire.It can even be rubbed into a bandana or elastic bandage and then wrapped around a stick or wooden pole to make a torch for signaling at night or to light your way if it is necessary for you to travel at night. Being able to improvise different uses for items in a survival kit is a necessary skill for survival.

- Riverwalker

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