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Monday, May 4, 2009

Audio Podcast: Debt Elimination is Survivalism 101

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I have been talking to quite a few media outlets lately and they always want to discuss what I consider the “sexy” aspects of survivalism. Now I don’t consider them sexy myself but what I mean is the parts of survivalism that spin into an interesting news story, you know a mountain of stored food, an underground bunker or a small arsenal of weapons.

Each of those things is vastly misunderstood by the media to begin with but the one thing they really have a hard time making is the link between debt elimination and basic modern survival tenants. The reality is that debt elimination is survivalism 101, you simply cannot be a survivalist is you rely on Amex when the shit hits the fan.

Tune in today to hear…

  • The basic rules of survival
  • What the reaction to swine flu teaches us about debt and panic
  • Why debt really is cancer and why it will make you act in fear
  • How debt leads to bigger government
  • Why 401k balances are not really what led people to run to government in the economic crash
  • Why financial management and debt elimination cannot be separated from survivalism
  • Why the stimulus will “work” short term and what you should do when it does
  • A tale of two men John and Tom and what it teaches us about managing our lives
  • Why people in debt spend more money then people who are not in debt (I am talking about new spending)
  • Why you can’t do many of the simple survival steps well until you eliminate or at least begin to eliminate debt
  • What planning vs panic teach us about debt
  • The main way to be a survivor is to reduce dependence -

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