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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Audio Podcast: Let’s Take a Trip Back in Time

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Today folks we are dusting off Michael J. Fox’s old Delorian, dropping in some Plutonium and traveling back in time to when everyone in a small town was a survivalist and didn’t know it.

When are we going back to?

  • 1829 and life on the frontier?
  • 1880 during the Indian wars and the rebuilding after The War Between The States?
  • 1918 dealing with the Influenza Pandemic?
  • 1935 in the middle of The Great Depression?
  • May be the 50s as the nation began to prosper after WWII?

Nope none of those, we only need a little Plutonium 235 because we are just taking a short trip back to 1986-1990 to my teenage years living in the three towns of Jonestown, Minersville and Pottsville in the coal region of Pennsylvania.

Listen today as I take you through a typical year back then, count how many survival skills you hear that we consider part of the survivalist lifestyle today. In 1986 in the Appalation Mountains of Pennsylvania this wasn’t survivalism, it was just what we did.


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