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Friday, May 1, 2009

Audio Podcast: Pest Control for a Sustainable Survival Garden

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Today’s show is about methods of organic pest control in your garden. I am big on organic gardening and organic methods, not because I want to save the polar bears but simply because they work better and are more efficient and sustainable long term. Sustainability is the key to long term survival.

I also have another brief swine flu update and big news, TSP has been featured by Lew

Tune in Today to Hear…

  • What we can learn about organic vs. chemical from the medical world
  • Why if you don’t have healthy soil you don’t have anything long term
  • Using dimatianius earth to kill pests with out any toxins
  • Garlic based repellent repel more then just insects
  • Neem a natural wonder are insect control but let’s not over use it
  • Soap based insecticides and combining them with other ingredients including neem
  • Orange based products handle garden pests and even fire ants
  • Nasturtiums an editable flower that does a great deal to protect your garden
  • Mint, use with caution because it is invasive but it is very effective in companion planting
  • Onions and Garlic great allies in repelling insect pests
  • French Marigolds a death sentence for bad nematodes
  • 4′Oclocks the last mean for the Japanese beetle
  • Chrysanthemums hard to spell, easy to plant great for your garden
  • The four horsemen of herbs; parsley, basil, oregano and rosemary

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