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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Book You Should All Own

I was looking through my bookshelf today and wanted to write about one particular book. This book is Storey's Basic Country Skills. MIL got me this awhile back. If you had to run a farm with no experience and just one book this would be a pretty darn good book to pick. I think Creedmore mentioned some other book that seems comparable but I am not certain.

Here is a quick look at the book:

Part 1: Your Place In The Country
Your Country Home
Outdoor Spaces
Water Supply
Basic Home Improvements
The Home Interior

Part 2: Your Garden, Yard & Orchard:
Too numerous to mention all of them but if you would want it at a small farm they talk about it.
Vegetable Garden
Herb Garden
Improving the Soil
Garden Pests and Diseases
Berries and Fruit

Part 3: Country Cooking & Stocking Up
Fresh from the Dairy
Meat, Fish and Game
Preserving the Harvest
The Country Pantry

Part 4: Your Barn, Stable & Fields
Farm and Ranch Animals
Barns and Fences
Country Pets
Small Scale Farming
Tools and Techniques

I have heard it said that this book is great for beginners or those interested in this stuff but not yet doing it. I agree this is true but take issue with the implication that if you do some of this stuff it will not be useful for you . Unless Jacky Clay is married to Bob Villa almost any couple I can think of would find some stuff they could use in this book.

I sorta look at it like this: When I need to complete some sort of a task the first place I go is almost always a little multi tool. Most of the time this takes care of it. It is not the best of anything but it can take care of most basic tasks. If I need something more I go to the tool bucket which probably has what I need. I look at this book like the multi tool of assorted country skills.


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