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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

goal 4(a) - choose a storage location

Our current goal is gathering a longer-term storage.

Specifically - Choose a storage location(s) for longer-term storage.

The ideal location for a longer-term storage is dark, cool, dry and rodent-free. Most of us don't have all of these ideal conditions, though. So, choose the best possible location for your storage.

After living in several different conditions and locations around the United States, I personally have located my storage in a garage, in a utility closet, in an attic, under beds, in closets, in kitchen cupboards and currently in an unfinished basement. You might have to get creative in choosing your storage location. Click here to link to a past discussion on creative storage solutions.

Shelves are not necessary for your longer-term storage. In fact, I didn't have any shelves until just a few years ago. You can stack both buckets and cans in boxes. Mylar sacks can be dropped into larger storage containers. Do not place storage items directly on a cement or dirt floor. Unwanted tastes and chemicals can leach into your storage containers. Instead, place items on carpet, slats of wood, shelves, or pallets. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints recommends storing all items so that there is some air flow underneath.

This goal isn't a big step. But it is important to have in mind where you can put your storage and realistically how to fit it in your living space.


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