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Friday, June 5, 2009

Personal Hospital in your retreat

By Joseph Parish

We tend to accumulate all the indispensable first aid supplies that we may require during a tragic situation however we frequently overlook a few significant hints. In this case perhaps a member of our party has to be quarantined consequently we need to seriously consider a miniature hospital room. This room should be essentially isolated from the remainder of the compound or retreat with explicit decontamination procedures employed that is clearly followed at all times. This room should fundamentally be disaster proof. By disaster proof I am not talking about the physical construction of the unit but rather its ability to prevent as few germs from escaping as possible.

It has been foretold that we are potentially vulnerable to the Avian Influenza or Pandemic flu and thus it would be in our paramount interests to plan accordingly. During times of calm when no quarantine is required the area could undoubtedly serve as a mini-clinic for family and friends who are retreating with you.

It would be nice if the location of your infirmary room were secured from damage associated with earthquakes, cyclones, floods or potential terror activities so in the event care is needed it would not be hampered. The ideal facilities would be strong enough so that it would not collapse during an unexpected earthquake.

We can not depend upon the authorities to provide medical care during a disaster and each member of our retreat crew should have at a minimum training of first aid and CPR. Disasters often create an intensive draw upon a community’s emergency treatment facilities as well as their supplies. Your local health care facility will be literally bursting at the seems as they try to tend to the immediate emergency patients as well as the usual workload that comes in to the hospital. To be safe we can not rely upon this type of an environment.

As for knowledge, I have tried to obtain as many medical related e-books as I possibly can just in case. During a situation when I may have to use this knowledge it may be similar to a step by strep instruction manual but at least it is better then doing nothing at all. Additional supplies that you should keep in your area other then the usual medical related items should include some means of generate electricity as well as several five gallon containers of water. It would not hurt in the least to have a means of disinfecting the water before it is used on a patient.

The destruction or possible loss of our local hospital should in no way impact our abilities to tend to our own sick and injured. It doesn’t take much to be able to accomplish this and we all can make a little room in our retreat for it. Let’s face it your risk of dying in a hospital during a major disaster is much greater then it would be to rely upon your family and friends.

Copyright@2009 Joseph Parish


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