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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to Eat Scorpions for Survival

Eat scorpions to survive. The bad news--that just sounds nasty. The good news--scorpions can be found in many environments, forests, caves, grass, deserts, so chances are you can find them. But to eat them you've got to hunt at night. Unless you're lucky you won't see them during the day.

Step 1 Find scorpion holes. During the day search your area for shady little niches close to the ground, lips beneath sticks or small protruding rocks or even exposed tree roots. Look for small holes just below the lips.

Step 2 Dig another hole. Right below the scorpion's hole, scoop out a shallow hole in the ground and place an open mouthed container like a jar, cup, soda can, whatever you can find inside the newly dug hole. The trick is to place it so that when the scorpion comes out at night, it will drop right into your cup and can't climb out of the smooth side.

Step 3 Go get a good night's rest. In the morning, check your traps and hopefully you will have caught enough scorpions for a filling breakfast.

Step 4 Skewer the scorpions with a sharp thin stick or sturdy weed. Scorpion stings are very venomous. Skewer the scorpions through their sides while they are still in the cup or jar. Use two sticks for easier manipulation.

Step 5 Lift the skewered scorpions out of the jar and hold down against the ground or a rock. Keep out of reach of the venomous curling tail and cut off and discard the tail. You don't want to eat that.

Step 6 Cook over the hot coals until they are nice and brown, almost blackened, Cajun style.

Step 7 They are somewhat gritty so eat them fast. Don't think about it. This is for survival.

Warnings and Tips: Another way to eat scorpions is to dunk them in wine, cut off the stringer and poison sac. They are supposed to taste like raw shrimp. They can also be fried.

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