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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Survivalists 6th sense

By Joseph Parish

Our ancestors survived violent times by using their intuition and what many of them classified as “gut feelings”. Regrettably over the years we have been taught to reason in a rational and systematic manner and to suppress any initiate feelings that may surface. These same feelings that we restrain could possibly save our lives in an emergency. As part of our survival training it is vital that we bring these feelings back to the surface and nurture them once again. We have to effectively become one with our surroundings and reunite with in order to know what is going on.

As a teenager I would be more or less guided by these strange feelings in just about everything that I did. I often found that it was these very feelings which kept me safe when situations turned nasty. Every time that I was in some type of circumstance where things did not feel right I let my instinct take over and usually that ended up to be the wiser choice. My gut feeling generally provided ample feelings of impending danger.

After I had experienced situations such as these I would sit and try to analyze them. I would attempt to digest all the information from the very first action to the end results. I always wanted to know how I knew to act in a particular manner or why I sensed a feeling of danger. In regards to my responses I wondered if I had made the proper decisions and what I could have done better. I really wondered if I was on the verge of paranoia or had I developed the ability to sense dangerous situations before they occurred. Clues became very important for feeding additional information into my gut feeling. Simple little clues such as a persons clothing, their mannerism, etc. All these things contribute to how my psychic perceives the situation and whether a danger exists.

I eventually grow to accept this feeling and upon doing additional research realized that everyone has the ability and it has only been suppressed by our educational process. The key here is to listen to your own gut feeling when you have any sort of doubt involving your safety or decisions that you must make. Once you feel that instinct follow it as it is usually right. This point is the most important lesson that I can give to you - listen to your intuition. The inner voice will not lead you astray. This amazing ability to listen to our 6th sense allows us to avoid danger in some of the most unusual situations.

A wise man once stated that "A fight which is avoided is a fight that is won." I fully support this premise. Listen to your inner voice and win the fight in the long run. The outcome of any physical confrontation is of dubious conclusion. It could effectively go in either direction – you can win or you can lose. However, by using your senses and becoming aware of your surroundings you can always win.

As a survivalist we must develop this awareness and use our senses to listen to our inner voice.

Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish


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