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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Survival Health—More Reasons to Purify Your Drinking Water now

For a civilized, progressive society, we really have serious problems with our drinking water. You may recall reports several months ago mentioning traces of all kinds of prescription drugs in our water. Not long ago fish were found with traces of drugs in their systems. And where do fish live? In water, of course.

Now the Associated Press is reporting that millions of tons of drugs are finding their way into our drinking water, and they’re not being tracked by the government. This is particularly a problem where pharmaceutical companies manufacture drugs. Supposedly the drug residues are within government standards or they’re not considered serious enough to harm the environment.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t find this comforting or encouraging. Do you want your family to be drinking that stuff? It’s why I recommend getting a top quality water filter and purification system for home use, such as the Berkey systems offered by Lehman’s. The Berkey is able to clean up pond water, so it’s surely adequate for cleaning up your drinking water.

You can get a Berkey water filtration system now by clicking on the Lehman’s logo. Type the key word Berkey in the home page search box to see a page showing both of the Berkey water purifiers Lehman's offers—the Big Berkey or the Berkey Light–then click on the picture of the one you're interested in. You’ll then see a picture of either the big Berkey or the Berkey Light. There you’ll get a more complete description and you can place your order.

Why wait until calamity strikes and you simply can’t live without purified water? If the drug manufacturers and the government won’t see to it that you have clean drinking water, you’ll have to, if you’re going to survive in good health.

Lehman's where old fashioned is always in fashion.

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