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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Definition of Survival Food

By Joseph Parish

Continually I stress that everyone should have a survival kit made up and ready for any sort of emergency that Mother Nature or fellow man can toss our way. I continually relate how this kit should contain certain essential emergency supplies as well as a selection of survival foods.

The question that I am asked by many people is just what survival foods are. They always ask if they must spend thousands of dollars for prepared packages of #10 cans or the military MRE packs. My immediate response is a loud “No”.

The strict definition of survival foods are just that - they are food which is placed in your kits or packs for use in survival situations. No where in the definition do you hear the words MRE or #10 cans. Most people who have followed any of my survival articles know that I propose using the supermarket canned foods as much as possible.

I like to stock up on foods which can be eaten directly out of the can if possible although I have an abundant supply of heatable canned food as well. Instant foods are one of my favorites for survival situations. The phrase “Just add water” holds very true to my survival intentions. Dehydrated foods have a good place in the backpacks and trunks of bug out vehicles when you think in terms of survival.

Of course this method of thinking makes storage of sufficient supplies of water all the more important. You must then not only have enough water for your family to drink but also for re-constituting your dried foods.

In all honestly I must admit that the dehydrated #10 cans of food are actually cheaper on the budget in the long run but their initial cost is greater as well. I have found that if you first stock up on supermarket canned foods and use what you store then you can slowly purchase the #10 cans of dehydrated foods. In this manner you save your budget from taking a beating.

Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish

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