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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Survivalist Laptops for your Bugout Bags

After reading a post over at Utah Preppers about how he has a hard drive in his bugout bag, it got me thinking.

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the survival information you have ever found online in your Bug Out Bag? But how? The hard drive is a great way to store information and can be great addition to your bag, but how can you access it in the middle of nowhere?

Well I think I found the answer. Enter the Mini Laptop…….

Laptops have been getting smaller and smaller, but a new generation of laptops (the netbooks) have taken small to the next level. These little laptops are the perfect addition to any Bug out Bag. They are small, require little power, and the batteries on some of them can last for over 7 hours. With the right solar charger in your backpack, you would be able to use these off the grid forever!

You can also plug a portable hard drive or memory stick into the side of the laptop to increase your ability to store information.

So Why put one of these mini Laptops in your Bug Out Bag?

  • Knowledge - You can store a huge amount of survival articles and information on these things. You would have to carry thousands of pounds of books to have the same amount of information that you can fit on one of these little laptops.
  • Internet - The ability to log onto the internet when you are on the road.
  • Entertainment - Having something that can keep your spirits up in an emergency situation is extremely important. Imagine having all your favorite songs, games, and movies available to you anywhere in the world. Don’t overlook the power of entertainment, it helps keep your mind sharp and alert. Without entertainment, depression is a serious risk in any survival scenario.

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