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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Food to avoid during stress

I have been doing a research paper on storing food and water to prepare for a disaster and came across these facts that I found extremely interesting. I remember reading on this forum that some people have packed away Olive Oil since it is high in calories, and someone else recommended Coconut Oil which is on the list of thing to avoid during stress.

I thought this would be a different way to look at things and I might add a section in my paper specifically on how stress affects the body and how to prepare your food to minimize its effects. Anyways keep up the great work on this forum, I have found it and everyone insight priceless.

Food Items to be Avoided
Food items which aggravate the signs and symptoms are to be avoided. These include
Tea, coffee, cocoa
Junk foods and fast foods
Egg yolks
Butter, cheese , shrimps and meat
Coconut oil
Cashews almonds and other nuts
Beverages including soda, chocolate drinks and soft drinks.


  1. Great list and I totally agree with it, especially alcohol when your stressed. I've seen far too often people I worked with turn to the bottle to try to relive stress only to become alcoholics.

  2. Coconut oil is on the list only because of the fat content.

    When people are working hard and eating simple foods, fats will be needed.

    What is a hazard now with our easy lifestyles will not be a hazard when we're active.

    I'd like to see how well you fare without fats in your diet - stressed or not.

  3. Thanks for the post. I know someone who needs to read this.