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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Preppin for a Wind Storm

Wind storms are pretty common around here. The Weather Service issued a high wind warning for our area this afternoon which said we may have winds of up to 60 miles per hour tomorrow morning. Most people don't worry too much about wind storms but when winds get fairly high for a sustained period of time you can often end up with power outages, trees down (and the ensuing damage that can cause to homes and roads), and even injuries and deaths. Here's what we have done to get ready for the storm:
  • Charge the cell phones in case the power goes out.
  • Bring in the deck chairs and garbage cans so they don't fly away.
  • Things that I would check if I didn't already know that we were set: food (lots), water (gallons and gallons), flashlights (strategically placed as usual), batteries (plenty). Heating is not an issue because it isn't very cold at this time of year.
  • Cancelled a meeting with a client (the meeting would have required that I travel by ferry to meet them and in high winds the ferries won't run and I don't feel like getting stuck somewhere hours away from home). Meeting was rescheduled with no problem.
  • Other changes I may make in the morning: I may cancel my morning walk/jog because it is seriously unsafe to be outside in high winds, not because of the wind but because of falling trees and flying debris. Ditto or driving (because of the tree/flying stuff issue, driving is equally unsafe).
Well that's about it. Should the power go out, it will probably be for a short duration so I am not worried about the food in the freezer at this point. Basically we will probably be holed up in the house for a day or so, enjoy some reading or other tasks that do not require the use of power, and then get ready to clean up the mess after the storm passes.

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