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Monday, August 9, 2010

Online Flyers: Save Time, Save Money

I've been subscribed to Canadian Tire's Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feed for their flyer for a couple months now so that I can get the flyer even when the paper boy doesn't deliver it on time to catch the deals.  Well I've found a new resource for getting flyers from all kinds of retailers that will allow me to find the best deals in my area.  Isn't that what prepping is about? Stretching your dollar to get the most preps out of each one?  The resource is You just type in your postal code and they give you all the flyers from your local area. This makes it easy for you to find cheaper prices on items you may need to prep.

I find shopping around helps me save money even when I pay a bit more on gas to travel around town. I don't often leave my local town because that would make no sense since it would use to much gas to be financially responsible. The best thing is you can see if another store is offering the same item for even less that week! I love the flyers but for some reason my apartment building doesn't get them so I get them online and it allows me to get them. This might also help you if you live in a rural area which doesn't get the flyers. breaks the site down into twelve different tabs which let you choose which is best for you or what you are looking for.  They break it down into Home, Stores, Products, Flyers, Deals, Coupons, Brochures, Catalogues, Travel, Contests, Forum and Features.  You can subscribe to each tab through any RSS reader like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Google Reader.  The good thing about this is if you live in a rural area where you don't get high speed Internet you can download the RSS feeds and read them off line so you don't hog your phone line while on the Internet checking the adds.


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P.S. If you don't know what Real Simple Syndication or RSS feeds are check out this article; RSS (Real Simple Syndication) Explained in Plain English By Cory Threlfall  

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