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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is your vehicle stocked with survival supplies for ... itself?

Flat tire.Image via Wikipedia
Many of us here on have the trunks of our cars stocked with GHB's, or BOB's, or Medical Kits, ect.
But, how many of us stocked our cars with supplies for the car [I]itself?

Does your car have the following stored in it:
*2 cans of oil
*anti-freeze / coolant
*starter fluid
*spark plug
*jumper cables
*spare tire
-jack stand
*tire sealant


Mine didn't, and boy, has it hit me. On the open road this summer, my car's coolant hose sprung a leak. This leak was spraying directly on one of the belts of my engine, making it squeel. Well, my car got very hot because of lack of coolant, but I made it to my destination. I refilled the coolant, but I needed a new hose.
Maybe, we also need spare parts, or the tools to fix the spare parts?

So, fellow Survivalists, how is your car ready, and how can we make ours better prepared?

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