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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Survival Skills - Fishing - Part One

Fishing is not only a great recreational sport but it can also be a great survival skill. Unless you live in or get stuck in a desert or semi-arid region, you will probably be able to find a water source that can provide an excellent source of food if you have some basic fishing skills.

One of the basic skills when it comes to fishing is finding and using the appropriate bait. You will need something to entice those fish to bite your hook. Now you could carry a few artificial plastic worms or some simple jigs in your survival kit that could serve the same purpose but using natural forms of bait may mean the difference between catching a fish and just getting your hook wet.

Things like worms, grasshoppers and grubs make excellent bait for your hook and are generally easy to find in a survival situation. Using natural baits will usually increase your success rate of catching fish. Many times an abundance of natural food sources may make it more difficult to catch fish using artificial types of bait. Using natural food sources can make a difference in the amount of fish you may be able to catch.

Even though fishing is a great recreational activity, in a survival situation you will need to do more "catching" than fishing.

Got worms for bait?

Staying above the water line!


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