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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wild Dogs at the End of the World

Modern Day Iraq offers us a unique glimpse at what would occur during a TEOTWAWKI scenario. As we all know Iraq was the scene of a massive war aimed at completely replacing the government of Saddam Hussein. Many of its keys infrastructure was destroyed during the shock and awe campaign that marked the beginning of the war. Many Iraqis, concerned with the struggle of day to day living were unable to care for their family pets. As a result, Iraq, especially Baghdad is overran with packs of stray dogs.

In a span of three months, teams of veterinarians and police shooters have killed over 58,000 stray dogs. They estimate the stray population to be as high as 1.25 million in Baghdad alone.These dogs are not the cute and cuddly lap dogs that many of you are used to seeing. This dogs have formed packs and are hunting everything that moves, including children. Unfortunately, they are instinctively awesome hunters and several children have been killed by these dogs.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, the US currently has 77.5 million dogs being housed as pets.  To date Animal shelters across the country are noticing an increase in pet surrenders and abandonment due largely to the fact that many are losing their homes to foreclosure and find that they are unable to take their dogs with them.

In a true end of the world scenario, you should expect the unthinking masses to turn their best friends loose under the mistaken philosophy that their family pet will at least have a fighting chance at life on their own. This failed logic will results in hundreds of thousands of wild packs, ranging from 40 to 100 dogs each, roaming the countryside, hunting for their next meal. Realize, that if you are not careful, you could very well end up on the menu! Dogs are smart, sneaky hunters that often use deception to lure their prey into an ambush. Even if your armed you may not be able to defend yourself against some of the larger packs.

As a rule of thumb during TEOTWAWKI you should never turn your pets loose, even if you have no means to care for them. Considering the fact that most parts of our internal infrastructure probably won't be operational, the only decent thing to do is to put it down yourself. If you don't have the stomach to do it yourself, find someone who does.

Also, realize that these packs of wild dogs will quickly become one of the more serious threats that you will encounter on an ever increasing basis, the longer TEOTWAWKI continues. The only solution to this threat is to kill these dogs on site whenever you encounter them. Again, this is concerning a post-TEOTWAWKI scenario where basic services like Animal shelters are no longer functioning.

While dogs are awesome companions and help alert you to potential security concerns you need to ensure that you take care of your pets. It seems like a simple concept by as the article in Iraq shows people do things without thinking of the consequences. Remember, if you choose to keep a pet its your responsibility to care for and prevent it from becoming everybody else's problem.

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  1. Eat them. I have eaten deer, caribu, bear, moose, horse, why not dog. I can store all the grain I want and even a pretty good supply of freeze dried vegetables and eggs. But fresh meat would be nice. Here boy!