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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prepare: SHTF Summer Reading

The economy stinks but I like to read. I can't afford to set foot in a bookstore and leave with something, so I do most of my reading online or at the library. If you enjoy good SHTF fiction online, here are some neat sites and particular stories to check out!

All Roads Lead Somewhere
On Frugal Squirrels Forum
Synopsis: Father takes son and daughter to old family farm as the infrastructure of the US tears itself apart due to terrorist attacks. As the world falls apart, headstrong and independent minded daughter has to lead extended family as they deal with the collapse of society.
Yes, FS requires registration, but it is one of the oldest prep communities online and worth the free membership.

Honey Grove
On Frugal Squirrels Forum
Synopsis: Frugal family in rural area of Michigan deals with consequences of crippling EMP strike. While this story line is familiar, the family and their lifestyle is noticiably different than characters in other stories. The story is not completed, but regular installments have been coming. Well written and lots of good information without going overboard on details and instructions.

Life As We Knew It
On WhenSHTF forum
Synopsis: Mega earthquake and subsequent eruption of Yellowstone caldera disrupt life in the US and around the world. Construction inspector takes his mother home to Oregon and ends up having to deal with an end of the world messianic preacher and the fall of the US. Very different point of view in SHTF fiction. This is a completed story so read the whole thing. Note: there are a few chapters which have little content other than the author's opinion on politics, religion, etc. but still a very good read.

On WhenSHTF forum
Synopsis: Isolationist US president sets in motion the collapse of the US economy and thus the rest of the world. A family who had been in the process of relocating to a rural home is caught in the middle with a group of friends and neighbors. This story has some chapters which are extremely detailed (grocery lists, inventories, etc) but is a good read. The story is continuing but there are several hours of completed work available.

The Fall of Europe (and the sequel Fall From Glory)
On SHTEconomy Blog
Synopsis: Very interesting take on the SHTF story which follows a young American IT consultant as he gets stranded in Europe after a natural disaster and collapse of several EU governments. Follow the tale as he fights his way from one location to the next in his bid to return home to Idaho. Fall of Europe is part one and Fall From Glory is part two and in process.

Preparedness Society
Check out the fiction section. Most of the stories come from Jerry D Young, but there are two complete stories from "Gypsy Sue" which are very good.

The above should provide hours of late night computer reading for SHTF fiction fans out there. Enjoy and let me know what you thought.

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