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Monday, August 16, 2010

Reader Letter: "Sample of survival items" by Susie

Most of my friends laugh at the things I carry in my handbag.  
However, they're never ceased to be amazed at what comes out of it in an emergency.
Since 9/11, I've heard several stories of how the lights went out because the generators stopped working.  It was so dark that folks had to walk with their hands held out in front of themselves to navigate.
Now, whenever I travel, I always carry 3 light sources in my purse.  One that goes around my forehead, one that will wrap around my neck or upper arm and another that will attach to my watch or sleeve.  
When people are in a panic mode, they tend to try to wrestle these things away from you.  Always a good idea to have one extra, in case you meet up with a mother w/child or family.  I can manage with one.  I had some that would clip to my eye glasses, but the batteries were hard to find.
You never know how helpless you are until the lights go out.

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