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Sunday, August 8, 2010

What Skill(s) are you willing to learn?

Skills. We all have some sort of skill. Be it gardening, hunting, sewing, baking and cooking, organizing, making knives or foraging, etc. I think you get the idea.  I believe skills are important as a bartering act in the future. What you lack skill wise, you can barter for the skills you do have. But what skills are lacking at the moment are the ones who will be sought after later.

Skills lacking list for preppers to possibly learn:

Iron Forging; as in using raw ore (or known metals) and heating it up for making objects such as knives and instruments.

Black Smith; you don’t see many real black smiths anymore.

Raw Wool Spinning; but is coming back in full force due to knitters and the fact that everyone will need yarn and thread.

Glass Blowing; as glass bottles will come back and these people made windows as well.

Silver Smith; a skill seriously going by the way side and works with the Iron Forger.

Hand sewing; people do not like doing this, but it will make a re-appearance.

Fur Sewing; this is just a crucial as sewing for those who live in snow areas.

Making Paper; this is a hard skill to learn as it is like making bread and if not watched can lead to weak paper and holes.

Wood Carving or whittling: Someone has to carve handles, but this also goes for making spoons and other highly used items such as bowls.

Learning to trap; this skill is making a come back but 85% is recreational.

Skin stretching and using the hide; not enough people know or remember how to use the hides of animals for many items.

Building a Cabin; there are books out there, but only a handful of people who know how without power tools.

Weaving: this skill can bring in the money just as well as other, via making baskets and such or even clothing.

Pottery; yes is it still around and you can buy some good pottery at markets, but this skill can make life easier and not having to eat off wood slats.

Alchemy; you still need gun powder for that bullet.. right?

Soap; there are many types, ways to make it, and what to put in it for certain items.. like laundry. You learn this skill you will have to remember not to make the soap so hard.

Candle making: this will be a necessity

Wine making; it is making a seriously large climb, but even wine makers won’t have certain ingredients (citric acid) and we will have to learn the old fashioned way.

This is just a small list. Something I was thinking about this week on what if.

The what if was we will have to start over from scratch. A handful of preppers who know this won’t have everything besides food and the basics. But it will be a good idea to start learning, now instead of later.

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