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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Take Care of Your Health in Ten Easy Steps

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The foundation of preparedness is making sure that you yourself are prepared (meaning your body, your mind, your health, your attitude, etc). Here's ten easy steps to get in top shape:
  1. Have a complete annual physical to make sure you are well and/or to give you a baseline for improvement.
  2. Make sure all of your vaccinations are up to date.
  3. Have a complete dental exam and fix any problems found.
  4. Exercise daily and eat right (simple but effective advice).
  5. Take care of chronic health problems (ie: if you have diabetes, take your medication or insulin but exercise as well to bring down your blood sugar numbers).
  6. Check out your environment and remove any hazards (this could be everything from home safety hazards to hazardous friends to bad health/wellness habits).
  7. De stress. Stress causes any number of health problems. If you know how to de stress you will reduce the possibility of these problems.
  8. Have health and wellness goals to aim for, whether it is running a marathon or being able to walk around the block. Keep raising the bar as you meet your goals.
  9. Try new things that will help you get in better shape AND teach you something useful. Learning to kayak is a good way to exercise. Knowing how to kayak if you become stranded on a desert island, even more beneficial.
  10. Encourage others to get healthy. If your life depends on your friends or family in a SHTF situation, don't you want them to be as able as possible to come to your aid?
When it comes to preparedness, many people focus on the big exciting things such as firearms, a cool bug out vehicle, or having enough camping equipment to shelter an entire platoon. The fact is, when it comes to a disaster, you may only have yourself to rely on so you need to be in tip top shape to be able to respond accordingly. Now go out and get active.

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