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Friday, August 27, 2010

Wasting Time And Procrastination

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By Flea - Be A Survivor
People just love to waste time and procrastinate. Why do something now that you can pretend doesn’t exist till tomorrow? Why not spend countless hours in front of the boob tube or playing video games? The answer is simple organization and preparation. The more shit that piles up, ultimately you are that less productive as a person.

I see this at work all the time people wait until the very last minutes to get tasks accomplished and their day quickly becomes a clusterfuck of horrors. The boss gave them something a month ago that is due tomorrow and bammo…emergency happens and the time you thought you were going to use to finish the task is now gone. Guess you better go drop another 7 bucks on a latte as you are going to be working late Daniel-son.

The best thing to do at work and in life is to tackle things as you get them. You get a bill? Take 5 minutes and pay that sucker now and mail it out…don’t wait until there is a stack…mentally is less traumatic on your brain because you won’t see you bank account drop like the bomb on Nagasaki once every month. Those dribs and drabs are easier to live with (even though it is all mental). You get an email, answer it now; you get handed a task, start work on it immediately; you have a chore, do it now. You will quickly see that all of this organization and lack of procrastination will result in two magical things happening, the first being your stress level will drop tremendously, the second is you will have more free time…I guarantee it!

Beware of time wasters, the biggest being the boob tube. Now don’t get me wrong I do watch some TV but I keep to the stimulating stuff like History Channel, Discovery Science, Travel Channel, DIY, etc. Keep away from stuff that is just brain numbing, like Snoki and those asshats from Jersey Shore (makes me embarrassed to admit I grew up there). All those stupid shows should be banned as far as I am concerned. Nothing good can come of your kids seeing some illiterate, promiscuous, fucktard being handed her own clothes line and writing a book about her nonsensical life…they’ll think that is the right way to go in life. Get your kids reading as early as possible and keep them away from all the garbage on TV. Kick there asses outside once in awhile too, our kids are fat but have the strongest thumbs of any nation on the plant from playing non stop video games. Unless thumb wresting becomes and Olympic sport we are screwed.

I know you think I am full of crap but it really does work. I use this stuff at work all the time and in my personal life. Not wasting time or waiting around for a sign from God to finally start working on something will help you live a happier stress free life.

My wife and I have a lot of this stuff down to a science, I made and initial investment of time into managing our finances and now because I have everything documented and in Quicken…bills take a matter of minutes. We plan our grocery shopping and we use list to make sure we stay on target; this has helped us save money. Our preps are in order and all of my equipment is clean and ready to rock should I need it. How did I do all these? Staying organized, avoiding time wasters, and not procrastinating.

...that is all.

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