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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Noise discipline - learn to communicate.

We all have heard of it and some have actually practiced it. Quiet is the key. I thank my friend Darwin (deaf) for having this realization pop into my head that a TON of people here wouldnt know how to communicate if they couldnt speak. He runs into this issue every day just trying to live his life.

Someone's breaking in your home and you dont want them to know where you are. Your out hunting with a buddy and dont want your dinner to be alerted to your presence. Zombies are attacking and you want your brains to be intact.

Communication is the key to effective noise discipline. So .... here we go.

Basic sign language. Make it a game with your kids and wife. :thumb:

A bit more advanced but mil types should already know these. This is your movement.

If you really want to learn the full sign heres a link.

Prepping is about being prepared. Prepare to communicate without words. Communicate precisly. Your life may depend on it.

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