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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pandemic Flu Survival



A pandemic flu happens when a new flu virus appears which the world population has no immunity. Aviation and global transportation, along with crowded living conditions in a growing world, will cause new flu viruses to spread more rapidly than ever before, possibly threatening our survival.
If the pandemic flu is one with a high mortality rate, survival will hinge upon preparedness actions taken far before the onset of the pandemic. In high demand and short supply will be flu vaccines. Antibiotics may be in short supply during a pandemic from treating infections brought on by infected flu patients. Hospital and medical center personnel will be fatigued and extended, and may fall victim to the pandemic flu themselves. Community infrastructure services will suffer from serious shortages of personnel, resulting in substantial shortages of supplies including food and others that your survival may depend upon. People will become afraid for their survival, afraid to go outside, or to stores or areas with other people. In an effort to slow down the progress of the pandemic flu, governments will likely require many businesses to close and ban activities involving congregating people.
During a bad pandemic flu, people will become prisoners within their own homes. Those who have not prepared by having stocked up with enough food and supplies will suffer dearly, and may even lead to their own mortality.
During the Fall and Winter seasons, the flu will appear once again. If it is a new and dangerous flu strain which mutates to the human population, it will likely spread very fast, and within weeks may be too late to control and keep from the rest of the world.

The time to prepare for a pandemic flu is now

Pandemic flu survival requires a person to build up a supply of the day-to-day items that are normally used and consumed. Things like toiletries, personal care items, and soaps are good examples.  Stock up the medicine cabinet. Include an advanced supply of prescription medication. Boost your supply of vitamins, pain relievers, and flu symptom medications.
Definitely get some N95 masks for your protection because flu is mainly spread by droplets made when people cough, sneeze or talk, up to about 6 feet away. Stock up on alcohol based hand rub to reduce chances of picking up the flu from touching a surface that has flu virus on it and then touching the mouth or nose.  And of course, stock up the food pantry not only with extra food, but cooking supplies as well.
Enough food and supplies to last 3 months is a reasonable length of time to plan for in preparation for a worst case pandemic. In fact, having significantly more than a 3 month supply may save your life if something like what occurred in 1918 ever happens again.  All this preparation will help enable your survival at home without having to go out in public where the pandemic flu will be waiting to infect its next victim.
Start thinking about it today.

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