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Friday, October 8, 2010

Where do I Store it?

There are many places to store food storage even when space is tight. It may take some ingenuity but it can be done. Here are a few suggestions:
  1. Under beds: One sister replaced her bed frame with number 10 tin cans. She said the bed frame was easier to collapse and store somewhere else.
  2. In a closet: Build and extra shelving if possible or extend shelving that is already there. Place water/ food storage under your coats in your coat closets.
  3. Decorative ledges: If you have high vaulted ceiling with decorative ledges that is another source of storage.
  4. Food Storage Furniture: Make end tables out of food storage and cover with a decorative cloth.
  5. Garages or Decks: Caution make sure you don’t put you heat sensitive material out there. We do live in a hot desert.
Remember to label your food storage with content and dates. It will save time in the future and make it easier to find and use.

Here is a video that was done a couple years ago. Here are various ways and places to store your food storage.
Kim lives in an apartment and has found great ways to maximize her space!

Rachelle and Holly both use their guest rooms as the housing place for their food storage.Popout

There is nothing really special about how or where I (Lisa) store my food storage (it's just in a closet), however... last year I had NO food storage or 72 hour kits. I started coming to the Self-Reliant meetings that Tonya, Holly and Rachelle started, and it got me inspired AND smart about shopping. All the food storage that I have is from shopping smarter during my weekly shopping trips (and once a month Cannery). My grocery bill has actually gone down AND I have food storage!Popout
This is my updated 2009 video with more food storagePopout
Tonya uses the unique spaces in her house for food storage.Popout
Amy converted part of her 3rd car garage into a food storage room.

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