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Friday, October 15, 2010

Treatment for rattlesnake bites for Dogs.


After reading some replies on another post about folks concern for rattle snakes I thought I would pass this on.

Dogs are a utility animal, multi purpose and they are there to buffer the threat level or aid us in our daily work.

On occasion dogs will meet rattle snakes and the outcome might be a snake bite. In a rural setting a vet may not be available or the economics of life do not always justify spending a large amount of money on a vet bill so you may be forced to or choose to treat the snake bite at home.

Now some folks view there pet as an extension of the family and will spend a small fortune on them and that is fine, I have done so before myself.

Dealing with rattle snake bites in the rural area I had the fortune of having a realist Veterinarian that advised us years ago on an effective snake bite treatment when a vet is not available.

*Disclaimer 1* If your dog has been bitten by a rattlesnake seek Veterinarian assistance Immediately.

Upon signs of snake bit or knowledge of snake bite administer;

Diphenhyramine HCI 25mg (benadril)per 100# every 4 hours for 48 hours. Under 100# I will dose with 25mg anyway as smaller dogs are at greater risk from the snake bite. This will reduce the swelling and tissue damage associated with the bite. I have used the liquid as it is easy to administer orally and seems to enter the system faster.

Administer a broad spectrum antibiotic; I have used Oxymycin 200 at .5cc per 10# body weight every 48 hours for 7 days. This is sold at the local feed store, as is penicillin which I have also used. Oxy is about $15 for 100ml, does not require refrigeration and has a multiple year shelf life.

Contain the animal in a small area to reduce activity and monitor condition. Keep the animal warm, Hydration is an issue also so make sure they drink plenty and give them what ever food they will eat.

*Disclaimer*2. This is a raw bones do or die treatment regime and by no means do I guarantee that the survival of the animal if treated according to this treatment regime.

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  1. Do you administer the same amount of penicillin as you would the oxy?