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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Poor Man's Pre-Fab Underground Shelter

I took this image. It is of a sign directing t...
I've encountered a couple of technologies that I would like to share. I hate the way information is delivered on forums in general. You have to read and read and critique each reply to look for those nuggets of helpful info. But thats just me. So I'm almost sure that this information has been shared here before and then lost again. I hope this is a helpful nugget to someone.

The first thing is at this link:

This is an inexpensive NBC fallout shelter that only costs $2100. And for $1500 each, additional shelters can be attached to either end expanding the total square footage and thus room for supplies and people.

Approximate shelter dimensions: Exterior: 96” x 73” x 93”h Access (8' x 6.1' x 7.75')
opening: 24” x 24”
Head height: 72” minimum (6 feet)
Wall thickness: 3/8”

A storm shelter / cellar / or fallout shelter combination, comes complete with 5 built –in shelves surrounding the interior of shelter.Shelves are specifically designed to store quart fruit jars and enough canned goods and other supplies to equip a family for several weeks in an emergency situation. Made from polyethylene plastic that makes for a guaranteed water tight enclosure.

Here is the other technology that some of you may not be aware of that could come in handy regardless of the underground shelter your building:

Hycrete is short for hydrophobic concrete. Basically there is a concrete that is waterproof. Its completely nonporous. And its recyclable. The website has videos that explain further. I can imagine that this stuff is very expensive. And the above described shelter is said to require a minimum 3 ½ yards of concrete to hold shelter in ground in the event of heavy rain. So keep that in mind. Of course not all of the pours have to be hycrete. just the one that gives it some coverage.

Anyways I'm sure that with a watertight shelter combined with a waterproof concrete one could have a shelter that is highly resistive to leaking. And this is a shelter that even i could afford. They shouldn't just be for the Rich. A few of us poor folks should survive.

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